Complex societal challenges require collective innovation

- We innovate
- We create new ways of doing things
- We challenge ourselves and each other

Change happens together.
Our community consists of organizations and people with a mandate for change.

We represent different sectors and dare to challenge the different logics of ourselves and each other. We act on a policy and practice level and bring our own organizations and networks into play.

Social innovation is relational

Social innovation is based on equality. It is important that everyone contributes with perspectives, ideas, questions and resources. We do this by showing trust and respect in our collaboration with each other and with the outside world. We believe that relationships create empowerment, unlock hidden resources and create change.

The Members' Academy

The Academy is member-owned and managed by a board of directors elected at the annual General Assembly. The Board consists of a chairperson, a deputy chairperson and five other members. The board's competences and profile must reflect the Academy's composition and ambitions.

The Secretariat

The secretariat handles the most important tasks:
- To ensure that the Academy's work is up-to-date
- To bring together relevant actors in concrete action communities
- To further develop the Academy's form and content

"We don't do anything for anyone, we do it together."

Our international profile

Social innovation has deep historical roots and is a high-profile field internationally. The EU, OECD and the World Economic Forum all have social innovation at the top of their agendas, as do many renowned Universities around the world. Countries, that Denmark normally compares itself to, have social innovation strategies.

The Academy for Social Innovation is part of an international network of other key players working with and researching social innovation. The Academy has been commissioned by the EU, together with the Danish Design Center, to create a national competence center for social innovation, KOTE_0.

International partners