The Secretariat

The main task of the Secretariat is to enable our members to contribute with solutions to societal issues. We achieve this by ensuring that the Academy is updated on societal trends, by mobilizing various actors in innovation processes, and by facilitating ambitious collaboration opportunities across societal interests.


A small strong team

We are a small but strong team who support each other and the cause. We represent different areas of expertise, and we make a virtue out of leveraging our knowledge and network in the Academy's work.

Clara Dawe


Clara joined the Academy's secretariat early on and, with her background in the Think Tank Monday Morning, she has extensive experience with change processes and bringing different perspectives together. Clara has studied political science and had a brief career as a civil servant in the Ministry of Social Affairs. Clara's perspective: "Change starts with ourselves. The way we perceive the world and our own role in it is crucial. We can close or open up the realm of possibilities. In the Academy, we practice opening it up - together.”

Anne Vorre Hansen

Senior Analyst, PhD

Anne is an international researcher in social innovation and, as a senior analyst in the Academy, she has a special focus on generating new knowledge and developing methods and concepts. Anne has a background in anthropology, holds a Ph.D. in innovation, and is committed to the principles of equality, democratization, and ethics in development processes. Anne's perspective: "Because language shapes and frames what we are capable of understanding, it is crucial for me that we critically examine existing language usage, concepts, and terms. By 'opening up' language, we create new possibilities and outcomes for ourselves."

Anders Folmer Buhelt

Academy Director

Anders was involved in the development of the Academy and is often the face of the Academy. Anders has previously worked with value-driven legal reforms internationally and rethinking social volunteering in Denmark. In addition to his work as head of the Academy, Anders is chairman of the board of the CFD Foundation and Thorave 29 and board member of Necto and Mentorbarn, among others. Anders' perspective: "We can do it!" Like the mice in "Cinderella", I believe that we can change society and the world for the better if we stand together and work for a common purpose and dare to try".

Amanda Vincentz Borg

Project Leader

As a project leader, Amanda juggles many tasks with the goal of creating cohesion and development in various internal projects within the Academy, as well as the change initiatives initiated by the Academy in collaboration with its members. Amanda's perspective: "I have a great interest and knowledge in experience design and how to facilitate relational and creative development processes that aim to enable meaningful connection betweeen people af the challange at hand.”

Sofie Frederikke Lau-Jeppesen

Project Leader

Sofie takes part in the development of projects and is the practical engine when the Academy's projects are carried out. Sofie has previously been part of DANSIC and the Small Great Nation youth panel. Sofie has a Master's degree in Sociology from the University of Copenhagen.

The story behind the Academy

The Danish Social Innovation Academy was founded on January 24th, 2019, by 40 leaders from civil society, businesses, foundations, and public organisations. The founding members came together through a process initiated by Tuborgfondet and the Council for Voluntary Organizations, with the aim to explore how to strengthen collaboration and collective social innovation capacity across society's sectors.


The Volunteer Council and Tuborgfondet initiate a development process for establishing the Academy


More than 60 leaders from all sectors participate in the development of the Academy


The Academy is established as an association on January 24th by 40 founding members


All events are being converted to digital due to Covid-19


The partnership Paths for Everyone is established in order to collaborate with the Danish Reform Commission


The Academy addresses the need for working with a societal agenda around Mobilization of Welfare as a Change Initiative