New skills are needed

Social innovation requires new forms of collaboration and new approaches and therefore new skills. We can not keep doing what we have always done and expect new results. The Danish Social Innovation Academy works to spread new skills to promote social innovation.

What do you gain from a Social Innovation programme?

We work based on a foundation that prioritizes purpose, enhancing understanding of social innovation and systemic change, and strengthening the ability to collaborate both within and outside the organisation. The programme combines theory and practice with inspirational presentations from members of the Academy for Social Innovation.

Systemic change in theory and practice

What constitutes a system? What approaches are there to systemic change? Organizing and managing change. New forms of collaboration.

Activating the ability to imagine as a leader and organisation

If we can't imagine a better society, we can not create it. How do we train social and political imagination? And how do we get others on board?

Anchoring in the organisation across the arenas

How can you ensure that the purpose guides the organisation's efforts? That the work with social innovation and systemic change is anchored in the organization?


Systemic Change course with Save the Children

The course included an introduction to the theory of systemic change, social innovation, imagination practices, as well as exercises and workshops where we applied the knowledge and practices to the work of Save the Children.
The course comprised three half-day modules, combining theoretical presentations with group work. Prior to the course and between modules, there were homework assignments in the form of articles and reflective exercises in pairs. The programme was followed up after six months with a session on implementing the learning.

The programme has helped us formulate the systemic ambition and hold ourselves and each other accountable to it. It has provided us with a language for some of the things we are already doing and would like to do more of."