A sustainable society is created collectively

Are you a leader with a mandate and do you want to create change, be challenged and think outside of the box?


A cross-sector community of action

As members of the Academy, we use our knowledge, courage, and determination to rethink and address complex societal challenges - challenges that can only be tackled through collaboration.

You will become part of a community of leaders where we strive to drive change in society as well as in our own businesses and organisations, engaging decision-makers and setting new agendas.

The academy members come from various backgrounds and represent a wide range of organisations. We see the potential in enhancing social innovation competence in Denmark and have a personal passion for staying updated on the latest knowledge about social innovation and systemic change.

Network, knowledge and national drive for change

As a member of the Academy, you become part of a community of socially engaged leaders from all sectors of society. You'll have access to the latest knowledge, inspiration and a unique development space where we find new paths for social change together.

Access to labs, events, and inspiration

We meet in the Academy for three annual social development labs, our big annual Open Academy event and smaller networking and inspirational events 4-6 times a year. In addition, innovation groups are regularly established around selected change agendas.

Mobilization of stakeholders and attention from decision-makers

The secretariat mobilizes members and engages societal relevant stakeholders, as well as plans and facilitates events and development processes. We ensure that the Academy's work receives attention and that it is connected to concrete societal challenges.

Who can become a member?

We believe that more people can do more. And that the Academy is stronger by having members with different backgrounds, experiences and industries. That's why we're always welcoming new members. To ensure the right skills, commitment and drive in the Academy, you must meet three criteria to become a member.

Criteria for Membership

The Academy belongs to the members. It is the Akademists who nominate new members. The board makes the decision regarding admission.




You must be in a leadership position with a mandate to engage your organization.

You must be nominated by an existing member.

You must have a commitment to society and have shown that you can help create social change. In addition, you must be able to see yourself in the Academy's 8 dogmas.

How to join

If you want to learn more about membership opportunities, please contact Academy Director Anders Folmer Buhelt. We will then put you in contact with a member with whom we can see that you share interests or background. The member can then nominate you.

Academy Director.
Anders Folmer Buhelt
Mobile: +45 28 95 66 27
Mail: anders@akademietforsocialinnovation.dk

Annual membership fee

Members pay an annual membership fee. The membership fee covers the operation of the secretariat and expenses related to organizing events. The size of the membership fee is determined based on the size of the organisation.

FTEs less than 15: DKK 7,500
FTEs between 15-100: DKK 15,000
FTEs +100: DKK 20,000

Member experiences

"I think the Academy succeeds in creating a network that sets the tone in society on this agenda. It represents people who set the tone in different fields."


"To me, the Academy is a delightful bouillon cube of energy, intellectual power, relationships, and a high degree of social indignation bridging our differences."