The members gather here

The members meet several times a year to share and create new knowledge and put our collective knowledge into action. Our common core activities are:
- Three annual labs
- Open Academy
- Five to six networking events

August 15, 2024

AcademyMorning: Prelude to Open Academy - Democratization

Upcoming Academy member events

Events where the Academy is involved


We host labs where we develop proposals and work concretely with social change.

Academy morning and afternoon events

We organise networking events where we either zoom in on a single theme under an annual overarching main theme, hold masterclasses or continue development sessions which build on previous labs.

Open Academy

Every year in August, we host Open Academy where we invite the outside world into the Academy's engine room and invite them to explore the agendas that occupy us.

External events

We are present where action and innovation are needed, and where the Akademists' knowledge can help create change. We are present at major events such as Folkemødet at Bornholm and Roskilde Festival, as well as smaller local initiatives.

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